Type 306 SSVI


Monitor the settling rate automatically and record the SSVI history.

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The SSVIr Reader determines sludge settling rate and gives an indication of turbidity and also mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS). It is made to fit with the standard SSVI measuring equipment – Type 305.
The SSVIr operates by passing an infra red beam through the settlement column. The amount of infra red light absorbed by the sludge is related to the solid content. Hence, the settled sludge will absorb significantly more light than the clear supernatant showing the sludge height. The sludge height is plotted against time, from this data it is possible to determine the settling rate as well as SSVI.
Since SSVI should be related back to a MLSS of 3.5 gm/l it is normal to do two tests and extrapolate. Generally, it is easier to do the tests at full MLSS and one at half MLSS (achieved by diluting the sample with an equal amount of supernatant). However, as the SSVIr can estimate MLSS the dilution does not have to be accurate. Further, the SSVIr will extrapolate from the two test samples and produce the SSVI.
The SSVIr can store test data in Microsoft Excel files, which can be accessed either over the Internet or through USB connections. The SSVIr can also be used as a data analysis point and SSVI results can be interrogated directly with the graphing facilities.
It is made to fit with the standard SSVI measuring equipment – Type 305.
Click here to see the settlement graphs generated. The graph shows how settling curves, and so settling parameters, can be easily and quickly generated.
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