Type 319 CST equipment


The Triton Type 319 Multi-purpose CST can be used with either 5 single radius test heads or with one multi-radii test head for the rapid assessment of resistance to filtration.
Each Type 319 CST is supplied with 1 single radius test head; any others are purchased as separate items.
The multi-radii test head has 5 probes set at intervals to give the same volume between each probe. This is illustrated in the chart below. It has been shown that for a wide range of different types of sludge there is an approximately linear relationship between the specific resistance to filtration, using the standard Buchner funnel apparatus and the multi-radii test head. When using the multi-radii test head the Type 319 unit automatically divides the time by the probe number. Since filtration fulfils the classical parabolic relationship between time and volume of filtrate, then the arithmetic difference in the reading is constant and directly proportional to the specific resistance.

Determine a number of CST values quickly and efficiently
Measure an estimate of Specific Resistance to Filtration

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